Power Metal Statistics

Someone on Reddit wondered what the average song length of power metal songs is. Rather than guess, I decided to grab the data and find the actual answer.

All of the data is available here. The columns are “Artist - Title” and “Duration in seconds”. (It’s a large spreadsheet though, and can cause the browser to slow down.)

From the spreadsheet, I was able to generate a histogram: Song length histogram

There were some very long durations (more than 20 minutes!), but very few instances of those. They made the histogram harder to read, so I cut out the 1% outliers, which is why the right-most bucket appears to have so many instances.

On a separate occasion, someone wondered what the most popular words in power metal song titles are.

I guess I didn’t hold on to my raw data, but I ended up with this chart: Power metal song title words

The 10 most-common words were removed because they were all very common filler words, and made the chart much harder to read. Really, I should have taken out all common words.


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