Power Metal Recommendations

What is Power Metal?

Many people assume that all metal music is screaming, harsh, scary, Satanic music. That’s not so!

Power metal emphasizes clear vocals and generally lighter, uplifting sound. It’s often described as “theatrical” or “dramatic”.

Unleash The Archers

Currently (2021) my favourite band. They’re also Canadian! They sometimes incorporate growls, but not so much as to lean into death metal territory.


Tonight We Ride

Northwest Passage

This is a cover of a Stan Rogers song, but they’ve definitely made it their own.

Brothers of Metal

Uplifting, energetic, Norse-themed. They do a great job of getting different voices into their songs, and they don’t take themselves too seriously. Spikey-helmet guy dies in all of their music videos.

Prophecy of Ragnarok



Ayreon isn’t so much a band as one guy who invites his friends to make grand concept albums. They’d also be better-classified as progressive metal, but it’s close enough!

The Day That The World Breaks Down

Daniel’s Descent into Transitus

Sonata Arctica

Early Sonata Arctica was one of the major attractors to the genre for many people. Unfortunately, their newer stuff has shifted away from power metal.

White Pearl, Black Oceans

Full Moon


Phantom Divine

Center Of The Universe


Ghost Love Score

Over The Hills And Far Away

Lost Horizon

Welcome Back


Helion Prime

Life Finds A Away

Question Everything

Ancient Bards

The Birth of Evil




Most of Sabaton’s songs are world war-themed, usually covering real battles that occurred in history.


Van Canto

Van Canto is a unique band in that other than drums, they’re entirely a capella! They’ve even somehow figured out how to approximate guitar songs with their voices.

If I Die in Battle

Winter Sun

Another genre breaker: Winter Sun is actually melodic death metal. For this one song though, there’s a definite power metal spirit that shines through.

Sons of Winter and Stars

Damnation Angels



This band is kind of weird: it definitely leans heavily towards pop music, but there’s also a vocalist who screams. I don’t really like most of their work, but they have a couple of good songs.


82nd All The Way

This is actually a cover of a Sabaton song, but I kind of like this version better.





Lament Of A Minstrel


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