Journal #3

I need to get a desk. I haven’t had a real desk since I graduated, and I think it’s impacted my work. Right now, I’ve got my laptop in my lap while I sit in a recliner. I know, it doesn’t sound too bad, but I can’t get into a good position for typing. Part of me want just a simple slab of wood to work at, and another part wants an elaborate desk with drawers and cabinets. Real desks are expensive though!

I finished off the final feature for version 1 of my project: parameters in expressions! Parameters are sort of like variables, in that the user can change them and they have names, but they’re constant as far as the component is concerned. Also, parameters belong either to a model, or an instance of a model. Unfortunately, if a parameter changes the number of inputs or outputs to a module, it’s stuck at the default value for now. The architecture of the simulator (currently) requires that these be compile-time constants. It’s not a huge deal though; you can just recompile with a different default. It’s a bit of a pain for the user though. For now, it will have to do. I need to get this code out to the world, after all.

I don’t actually know when my project will be released. I’m sure it’ll be by the end of the month. So between then and now, I need to test, test, test. I have some tests, but they cover the bare minimum. I need to find all of the corner cases. Have I already rambled about this?

This weekend, I got nothing done. The news of Aaron Swartz’s suicide completely sapped my motivation, partly because of the emotional weight of the event, but also because Hacker News was completely overrun by articles about him.

Am I doing this whole journal-keeping thing right? I feel like I alternate between eduational and conversational. It’s probably annoying to read. I don’t really close off thoughts either.


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